What Makes A Good Singing Teacher? Here Are 4 Important Traits

Improving your singing can be a challenging endeavour, given its technical nature and the need to work on various different aspects. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good singing teacher, who can provide you the right singing training and instruction, in order to improve your singing in an efficient way. These are some of the qualities of a good singing teacher:

1. Patience and Encouragement

A good singing teacher should be patient and encouraging, especially when working with beginners or students who are struggling to improve. This is because learning to sing is a process that will take time. Improving the various aspects of singing ability – such as tone quality, and pitch accuracy, requires gradual progression and building upon previous successes. Furthermore, the voice and muscles used for singing take time to mature.

2. Good Communication Skills

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A good singing teacher is one who is able to communicate abstract or difficult concepts to students in a way easy for them to understand. For example, musical theory is important for singing as it provides a foundation for understanding the different elements of music such as melody and harmony. This understanding can help singers tp make informed decisions about pitch and expression, allowing them to sing better. However, because these musical theory concepts are abstract, they can be difficult to grasp for some people. This is where a good singing instructor would come in to soothe the learning process.

3. Versatility

A good singing teacher should be able to teach a variety of singing styles and techniques, and be familiar with different genres of music.

A good singing teacher should be able to teach a variety of singing styles and  techniques, and to expose the students to different genres of music. By receiving a wider and more versatile singing education, the student will be able to better interpret and deliver lyrics with the appropriate emotion and feel, since they will have more musical contexts to draw from.

4. Passion

Singing Lessons In Singapore

Singing is a highly passionate affair. Passion allows the singer to connect more with the emotions and message of the song, as well as to help with expression and creativity in interpretating it. It is thus important for a singing teacher to be passionate about singing and the teaching of singing, as passion is infectious. Being genuinely passionate in singing will inspires and motivate others to be as excited and enthusiastic about it.

If you looking for good singing teachers, one music school you can check out is Hark Music School. Hark Music School holds a very high standard for its singing teacher, requiring all of them to go through a demanding audition process before they could teach at the music school. They are also constantly innovating their teaching methods in order to cater to the learning needs of each and every student. To learn a wide range of music lessons and instruments, a good place to also start exploring will be Entresell where quality music brands and instructors form Singapore are being listed. 

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What Are Class Credits?

With SportHitch class credits, you can book a variety of sports classes and use them to create a personalize sports routine.

Each sport class requires a different number of class credits to book. The estimated number of class credits for each sport class is as shown:

  1. Tennis (~20 credits)
  2. Golf (~36 credits)
  3. Badminton (~23 credits)
  4. Muay Thai (~20 credits)
  5. Archery (~22 credits)
  6. Volleyball (~23 credits)
  7. Boxing (~20 credits)
  8. Swimming (1 pax – 40 credits , group – 20 credits)
  9. Pickleball (~24 credits, 1.5h – 28 credits)
  10. Table Tennis (1 hour – 23 credits,  2 hours – 35 credits)
  11. Skateboarding (~26 credits)
  12. Inline Skating (~ 24 credits)
  13. Inline Floorball (~22 credits)
  14. Squash (~24 credits)
  15. Yoga/Pilates/Barre (~24 credits)
  16. Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) (~22 credits)
  17. Fencing (Trial – 20 credits, 2 pax class – 30 credits)