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Bryan Y
Bryan Y
Oliver is an awesome and friendly tennis coach at CCK. He is always providing actionable insights and feedback to improve on my skills and techniques. I will definitely recommend him to others. I will come back again when I am ready :)
winter mejia
winter mejia
Coach Aaron was very patient with us during our tennis lessons. Overall great lessons for beginners and would recommend it!
Stacey-Ann Pearson
Stacey-Ann Pearson
Deborah was a fantastic coach, and I look forward to booking again!
Lalaine Byrd
Lalaine Byrd
Great experience with SportHitch- my 3 kids are just getting started with tennis and coach Janis has done a great job teaching them the fundamentals! The team is also very willing to work with us to schedule the lessons in the midst of our tricky schedule!
Roger Donald Fluri
Roger Donald Fluri
great service, very good teacher with a sharp eye for my incorrect positioning, received good and clear advise on how to improve. Most importantly and rare in Singapore, teacher was not only on time but even early.
Patricia Roque
Patricia Roque
Professional and reliable instructors! My daughter enjoys her group tennis sessions immensely
I would recommend the tennis class at SportHitch for beginners! They respond really quickly, and the classes are very organised. The group session is small, so you will get enough time to practise and for the coach to correct your technique and help you improve.
Prabu Varadharajalu Sivakumar
Prabu Varadharajalu Sivakumar
I was introduced to Sport Hitch through an Instagram post. They are extremely responsive and pay close attention to details. They offer both group and private training sessions and match you with the right coach based on your skill level. I was paired with Mr. Branson, a passionate tennis player with a lot of commitment and patience when it comes to training amateur students like myself. During our session, he made some adjustments to my grip on the racket, which enabled me to hit the ball with more confidence than ever before. Prior to this session, I struggled to clear the net, but now I was able to hit a variety of forehand shots. I'm excited to learn even more in the upcoming sessions.
We took tennis classes with SportHitch. The coordinator was responsive and efficient with the arrangement of the classes and getting the lessons kicked started! Arranging for lessons was easy and the Coach was easy going and patient with us new beginners!!


Meta Tennis
Based on 49 reviews
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Sher MinSher Min
14:35 30 Mar 24
Anthony is a very patience coach that provides proper guidance towards individual needs rather than a one size fit all method (unlike all the other coaches that I have experience with) He ensures that we not only learn but too enjoy the game throughout. Highly recommend!
Jay ChinJay Chin
14:26 30 Mar 24
Looking for a coach that is skillful, attentive, detailed, and most impt fun! Coach Anthony is you guy! Give him and youself a chance for a better game play experience.
Audrey LiAudrey Li
08:29 03 Mar 24
After months of attending a tennis class with Meta Tennis and Coach Anthony, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Starting from zero experience, I can now confidently play with my partner. The class exceeded my expectations, and I left feeling motivated and inspired to continue improving my tennis skills. The coach provided clear instructions and insightful feedback, helping me refine my technique and strategy. Thank you.
09:03 23 Feb 24
Managed to improve my game just after taking 4 private lessons with Coach Anthony. His experience really shows as he gave great feedback and as a result, helped improve my technique. Overall, it was an enriching and fun experience. Thank you! 🙏
OE Araujo AOE Araujo A
00:04 24 Jan 24
Anthony is very professional. My 8 year old son learned a lot while having fun. Communication is great! Thank you Anthony.
Kat LamKat Lam
14:41 15 Jan 24
As a beginner, I found Anthony and Pradip so helpful and encouraging. Also super flexible with scheduling. Recommended!
Louis QuekLouis Quek
01:03 19 Dec 23
My children started picking up tennis with Coach Anthony. They had had roughly 12 -14 sessions and have improved since then. Coach Anthony was patient and introduced games to liven up the lessons. He was also, as best as he can, accommodating to changes in our schedule. On behalf of the kids, thanks, Coach, for your patience and guidance!
Clarissa AriellaClarissa Ariella
13:47 29 Nov 23
at first i joined the beginner group and now i continuously take the private course because i really like the way they teach us about all the techniques and everything. all coaches very nice & patience, i really can feel that i made a good progress every lesson, so worth it & amazing!
Grace TanGrace Tan
10:16 25 Nov 23
Coach Anthony has been a patient coach and provides clear instructions. He's also sharp to point out areas of improvement. Thanks, enjoyed the lessons!
Nadya SysoevaNadya Sysoeva
08:11 24 Nov 23
Working with Anthony as my tennis coach has been an absolute delight. His relatable and personable approach to coaching makes every session feel like a breeze. He has a light touch that puts you at ease while still delivering expert guidance. Anthony's ability to break down complex tennis moves with a friendly style is unparalleled. His pro tips are like valuable nuggets of wisdom, and he's made me a better player while making the entire experience enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking a coach who's not only professional but also relatable and genuinely passionate about helping you succeed on the tennis court.
Emily SiauEmily Siau
14:34 23 Nov 23
My family and I have been having lessons with Jon and Anthony since the start of the year, and they’ve been very professional!Anthony is a great coach as he is very clear with his instructions and he is great for beginners!Jon is better with slightly more experienced tennis players but is suitable for all levels!Both coaches make trainings very enjoyable and are able to customise the trainings to each individual ( we play in a group of 4) we have been introducing them to other family members and friends to join their classes! Highly recommend! Ps. They are quite affordable too
Ha Nguyen (Harry)Ha Nguyen (Harry)
16:21 04 Nov 23
Started tennis from zero, decided to give Meta tennis a try cause of affordable price.Sessions: amazing, flexible with personal schedule.Coach Anthony: supportive, gives good advices, responsive. I improved a lot.Highly recommended!
07:44 04 Nov 23
I've been searching for a tennis class for a while! Since I tried 1st class here, I knew it's the right place! The practice does help to build a consistent progress, and plus the class is fun! It's my happy hour 😉 Coach Anthony has various ways to guide and he's attentive to each player.
natasha tannatasha tan
06:47 01 Nov 23
Very patient coaches whom really take care of you, and on how to improve your skills and all.
Mandy FokMandy Fok
11:01 28 Oct 23
Coach John is professional, very engaging and he is very enthusiastic when he teaches my kids. highly recommended!
04:30 18 Oct 23
Been taking tennis lessons with Meta Tennis for 6 months. It was great that the coaches were able tailor the lessons to best fit our individual skill levels. They are also patient and will constantly try out different approaches to facilitate our learning. I started out new to tennis, but now I'm able to play and rally with few friends. All in all, Meta Tennis is highly recommended.
Mohd. Faisal WahidMohd. Faisal Wahid
11:55 08 Oct 23
My 11 years old son who is a beginner in tennis have been taking group lessons from Coach Anthony for the past 2 months. I have noticed that he enjoys the lessons and there are improvements in his technical skills such as forehand, backhand and volley.Coach Anthony is very patient with the beginner kids under his charge. He customized the lessons to suit the ability of the kids. There are plenty ball feeding and practice hits by the kids followed by mini games. He also gave feedback and clear instructions for the kids to improve in ball hitting.Overall, Coach Anthony is highly recommended! Thanks.
J GweeJ Gwee
15:22 01 Oct 23
Coach Anthony is patient and sharp in pinpointing my area of weakness where I could work on correcting it. His lessons are engaging too..
Roman TroyRoman Troy
12:19 01 Oct 23
My son started to attend the tennis classes slightly less than one year ago. Since then his technical skills grew significantly. Plus his confidence increased by playing with other players. He loves it and he has great fun during the session. Great coach and communication. Had lots of good tips to practise with my son at home. Recommend.
Charles TohCharles Toh
09:58 28 Sep 23
Learnt a lot from Anthony! He is a good coach and his lessons are always interesting. Will recommend.
12:48 26 Sep 23
We've been taking tennis lessons with Coach Anthony for several months now, and we couldn't be happier!Anthony is able to tailor lessons to our individual skill levels, and checks in with us on the goals we'll like to achieve. Sessions are well-structured, organized, and always punctual.We're able to confidently rally and play simple competitive games with each other and *have fun* while doing so. So glad to have embarked on this journey to gain a lifelong skill. We highly recommend Anthony and Meta Tennis!
08:12 05 Sep 23
Anthony has been meticulous in helping me to improve my technique and highlighting the areas of my game that can improve, and how to improve them. The lessons are not just helpful for learning but also fun and vigorous exercise
zacky poyeezacky poyee
16:52 26 Aug 23
I recently had the privilege of working with Anthony as my tennis coach, and the experience exceeded my expectations. He possesses a deep understanding of the game and utilizes a remarkable teaching approach that creates an optimal learning environment.From the first session, it was clear that Anthony is not only highly skilled as a tennis player but also incredibly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the sport. His ability to break down complex techniques into easily digestible components was instrumental in my rapid improvement. He had also provided great advice on helping me get a suitable racquet for a start.Anthony's communication style is clear and concise, and he effectively used verbal explanations, visual demonstrations, and hands-on practice to reinforce concepts. This multifaceted approach ensured that I grasped the concepts thoroughly and could implement them effectively on the court.
Bintang PradanaBintang Pradana
04:49 23 Aug 23
Francesca BarcenaFrancesca Barcena
15:39 16 Aug 23
It has been my dream to learn tennis. Enrolling in Meta Tennis was the right decision. It's a pleasure to work with Coach Anthony! His patience and passion for coaching are admirable. The guidance he provided to me as a beginner greatly improved my swing and the way how I play. Our tennis lessons are always filled with progress and learning. META TENNIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
ino Suzukiino Suzuki
05:40 16 Aug 23
I have been taking lessons for several months, involved a lot! Couch Anthony is consistent with his teaching and i was able to improve my skills.
Elisa YangElisa Yang
07:01 04 Aug 23
Anthony is a phenomenal tennis coach with an exceptional understanding of tennis techniques. Regardless of your skill level, he customises his coaching approach to cater to your specific needs, employing clear and relatable communication to ensure you grasp the concepts effortlessly.Having been a part of Anthony’s group classes for several months, I can attest to his ability to swiftly identify my strength and weaknesses, resulting in significant improvements to my technique and overall confidence on the court.Anthony also nurtured a supportive and fun environment, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among his students. Under his guidance, we all have experienced remarkable growth in our skills. His patience and commitment to our success is commendable.
Ong StephenOng Stephen
02:05 15 Jun 23
We have been taking lessons from Coach Anthony for the past couple of months now. He made the lessons fun and engaging even for adult learners like myself. Beyond just drills to get the technique right, he focuses on making the sport playable even for beginners. We now view it as a long term sport. Would highly recommend him!
Sakthi KumarSakthi Kumar
07:37 10 May 23
Have been training with coach Anthony for more than a year now and he is fantastic. He is very skilled, energetic and patient. After a couple of classes with coach Anthony, me and my 11 yr old son were able to play few rallies together. Highly recommended!
jade tanjade tan
06:50 31 Mar 23
Anthony is a patient coach and comes up with creative ways to keep us engaged and challenged. He provides detailed feedback and reminds us of areas that we need to improve on. Lessons are always fun with him!Highly recommend ^^
Winnie TayWinnie Tay
03:44 02 Feb 23
Coach Anthony has been guiding my basics from zero very patiently and I am very blessed to be in his good hands. He is very organised in his lesson plan and very detailed in every step. He points out your weakness and always trying different ways to solve them. Thank you Coach Anthony for your nurturing guidance!
Justine FJustine F
08:54 19 Jan 23
I was looking for tennis coaching in Singapore and it was challenging to find a suitable class so I’m super glad I found Meta Tennis. They are communicative and responsive, so it’s easy to schedule classes. Anthony has been really helpful in up-leveling my skill and working on my consistency. As I am still a beginner, he is able to provide helpful feedback through drills and different lesson plans and have found that I’ve improved with his guidance. Highly recommend working with Meta Tennis if you’re looking for group or 1:1 adult tennis classes!


BG Badminton Academy
Based on 31 reviews
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Tai Tai WhyTai Tai Why
09:44 22 Apr 22
Song Yang KeeSong Yang Kee
08:58 22 Apr 22
Subhajit BiswasSubhajit Biswas
12:48 18 Jan 22
Chia Chin WennChia Chin Wenn
23:48 04 Jan 21
Dedicated coaches
Tristan Summer ChanTristan Summer Chan
10:51 11 Dec 20
Reliable coaches & good service
Bernard OngBernard Ong
09:39 13 Oct 20
Great Academy with friendly coaches who will go out of their way to discuss your training progress and goals. I've been in this academy for years and I still come back time to time!
Bernice PoonBernice Poon
08:05 06 Oct 19
We wish to thank Coach Aaron for his patience & skills in coaching our gal, Anna! Anna began as a novice to badminton and after learning for about 8 months, she improved so much that she got into the School Team after 2 trials. Anna is always eager to attend the badminton classes every week! The admin staff like Lyle & Laurie are fantastic too, always helpful in every way. 😄😄
Chrissy OngChrissy Ong
03:01 06 Oct 19
Coach Aaron is meticulous in his coaching. He spotted the weakness of my child, worked with him towards certain goals, and that enabled him to enter the school's prep school team. His classes are always fun-packed and he will throw in little friendly matches to boost the confidence of the students. The team works on a "slot securing basis" which means you only pay for the lessons attended and not when you are sick or overseas. Bernard, who is the team administrator, has always been patient in answering my queries and I am happy to continue our coaching sessions and will recommend this responsible badminton academy to all.
Ben CBen C
04:01 23 Sep 19
A very professional team dedicated to helping my wife and I to achieve our goals. Coach Sylvester helped us with new ways of learning techniques and adapts the training based on physical capabilities. He is very understanding and made the training fun. Thank you to the team for organising the training!
Audrey LeeAudrey Lee
05:20 04 Mar 19
Coach Adrian's beginner class is recommended for primary kids as he imparts techniques clearly and patiently. He also adds fun games to sustain kids' interest while improving their footwork. BG Badminton's plus points are pay-per-attendance feature and small class size (max 6) so students can pick up skills quickly even in a group setting. Keep up the good work guys!
Dina MarieDina Marie
23:15 25 Mar 18
My son quite enjoys his lessons with coach Justin and he says he is learning a lot. I also (from the lessons I was at) like Justin’s approach to teaching as well as his flexibility. Jack enjoys the matches and pointers best, and says he likewise likes the other parts of the class (e.g. warm up games and stretching)

Muay Thai & Boxing

The Jungle MMA
Based on 111 reviews
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Joyce LeongJoyce Leong
14:50 11 Jan 24
Nari ChoNari Cho
12:27 04 Jan 24
One of the best and most enjoyable Muay Thai classes i’ve ever had. The coach and trainer were all very friendly and patient, and the class was fun and just nicely challenging as well.
02:08 02 Jan 24
The coaches at Jungle are not only professional but also very kind. They provide a lot of encouragement, especially for beginners like me. The training was incredibly enjoyable, and I'll definitely be visiting again! Plus, you get to enjoy a nice view of Boat Quay too.
Koh YangKoh Yang
08:14 12 Oct 23
Can’t go wrong with training at The Jungle. The coaches are very friendly as they are fun! Give their classes a try, you won’t regret it! The gym is beginner friendly and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Love the opportunity having been able to train there!😁
Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
16:27 11 Oct 23
The Jungle MMA is an amazing gym. The coaches there are very friendly and welcoming. Not only that, they are a very high skilled trainers with full of experience. They teach a lot basic and technical skills that is useful for the martial arts that you are learning. For first timers joining the gym they do not need to be shy in joining as the gym is full of amazing and friendly people. The Jungle gives a good sense of belongings for members. The facilities in the gym is also great! Overall The Jungle MMA is really an amazing gym
Lalawmawii TbcLalawmawii Tbc
12:36 09 May 23
Charpin TanCharpin Tan
06:27 31 Mar 23
Convenient location, fun sessions, great coaches.
Nina PowellNina Powell
06:12 31 Mar 23
Best martial arts gym in Singapore hands down - trainers are extremely professional and competent. You will get one of the best workouts joining the classes, lots of focus on both skills and fitness/strength. There's also personal training with the best boxing/Muay Thai/MMA coaches. Plus friendly environment, lots of support if you're just starting out, and dynamic workouts so it's never dull. Great facilities! Tried many gyms in SG and this is by far the best.
yp xddyp xdd
08:11 28 Feb 23
Great coaches who are knowledgeable and patient with everything they teach. A great place to train overall!
Max YangMax Yang
07:10 31 Dec 22
Coaches are knowledgeable. Teach very useful combos.
wal Rockzwal Rockz
06:51 03 Nov 22
The coaches and assistant trainers were very friendly and very knowledgeable. If you ever have doubts about the trainings, you could approach any of them to ask✌🏻 Will train here more often!
Bing LiangBing Liang
09:50 19 Oct 22
All Trainers & Coaches are welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable. In addition, the gym location is also convenient around the CBD area for people working in corporates after training session, there are many bars, pubs, restaurants to replenish yourselves .
Cyril Martins (Zuril)Cyril Martins (Zuril)
12:41 30 Jul 17
This is an amazing gym where you will truly find what Coaching means. Very boutique, focused and chilled environment. Moreover, the Coachs are super nice and friendly ! I really recommend this Gym !! Welcome to the Jungle !
VF Fitness
Based on 80 reviews
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Jin LimJin Lim
05:13 10 Mar 24
Super friendly and legit coaches. They made the class accessible even to total beginners like us. Great environment to train in
Keith SGKeith SG
09:51 08 Oct 23
Excellent place to practice Muay Thai! Beginner friendly as the coaches here are cool with lotsa knowledge, experience and passion to share. They also look out for you and are really attentive to your growth in the sport without asking or upselling me with private classes. I have been training here for 6 months now and will definitely continue training here!
Mavis PMavis P
13:51 14 Aug 23
Very experienced and nice friendly coaches. Good split of class schedule available for training, technique, strength/body conditioning throughout the week. The place is well ventilated, clean and spacious, toilet is also equipped with shower facilities and shower gel. Just bring your towels along will do.Suitable for new and experienced individuals, they also have classes for kids on weekends if I’m not mistaken!
Instructors are super patient, super friendly and they really focus on your form on Muay Thai. They are really passionate in helping you for your strengthening and conditioning. The gym has a friendly vibe and is really suitable for introverts too. Very highly recommend. A really great place to learn. Environment feels really comfortable too! We really like it! 👍
Si HuiSi Hui
17:50 15 Feb 23
Beginner friendly! Started learning Muay Thai for two months and did not regret coming here. The coaches are friendly and welcoming and classes are fun. Always looking forward to the next class!
Ling NJLing NJ
11:10 15 Feb 23
Awesome place to train!! Friendly coaches ensuring that you acquire the right skills and techniques, whilst not compromising safety!! Sweat it out!! 💪🏻💪🏻
Nigel GohNigel Goh
11:04 15 Feb 23
Super friendly & qualified coaches and beginner friendly! Come join the big family and achieve your fitness goals while having fun!
09:04 08 Feb 23
Good vibes only!Very positive place to train in!The instructors would really push you to do more and challenge your limits. Classes are conducted in moderate sized groups which are not too big and trainers are able to supervise individual progress.You will get an overall workout which will help you gain strength and stamina while having fun.Don’t wait anymore.Grab a friend and join now! ◡̈*there are 2 branches - Jalan Besar and Orchid Country Club
Anchika AgarwalAnchika Agarwal
07:56 14 Aug 21
VF Fitness is an amazing place if you are interested in learning Mua Thai, boxing or just want to do strength training.In the beginning of this year, I just came across VF Fitness near my home and thought to give it trial. They had excellent trial lessons. Being a newbie, and never tried Mua Thai before, I was looking for a learning institute which can teach me from the basics and VF Fitness fit the bill just right.With amazing coaches, this place lifts your spirit the moment you walk in.In summary, below are the pros I found for this place:1. *Knowledgeable and experienced coaches* - Coach Franchis, Coach Lester, Coach Adnan, Coach Adam, Coach Sean - are all amazing teachers. They focus on everyone individually and help in improving forms. They are patient with you at every step. The best of all, they always motivate you by keeping a friendly environment with smiles 🙂2. There is ample of space with great lightning. The place is worth checking out and since its on top floor, it has great ventilation.3. The place is at a convenient location with bus stop and MRT(Farrer Park) at walking distance.4. There are many classes throughout including Sat & Sun. You can definitely find a class that will suit your schedule. You can book the classes via their app or just walk in for trial class.5. They has reasonable pricing with different plans depending on how long you are willing to take.6. A great place to learn Mua Thai, Boxing, Mua Boran for both kids and adult. The coaches here teach individually at their own pace and focusing on everyone which is helpful for new joiners like me.I highly recommend this super friendly place for Mua Thai, Boxing etc, which motivates you to stay healthy and fit.
13:08 05 Aug 21
With VF fitness doing Muay Thai coming to 2 years, the trainers are professional and also committed in their teachings, especially Coaches, Francis, Lester, Sean and Adnan. They delicately impart their knowledge and skills. The gym are very spacious, well equipped and also with good and clean shower facilities too. I have learned a lot and build a strong foundation on my basic skills on Muay Thai. Kudos to the trainers and Thank you 🙏🏻


Salt & Light Archery @ Chai Chee
Based on 1174 reviews
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Brandon TanBrandon Tan
04:08 23 Apr 24
very fun and well coordinated. James was a very good host and mentor.
Syakir RahmanSyakir Rahman
10:37 15 Apr 24
Daenesh KumarDaenesh Kumar
10:36 15 Apr 24
Loved my time here.. Archery was super cool.. The trainers were really friendly... Enjoyed every moment!
Ian ChuaIan Chua
10:35 15 Apr 24
beelang kokbeelang kok
08:03 10 Apr 24
Anybody can do archery at this place. Instructor caryn is really good and patient with us
Ryo OngRyo Ong
04:21 24 Mar 24
Best archery range imo
Octavian LauOctavian Lau
04:04 17 Mar 24
Azhar MuhammadAzhar Muhammad
09:02 12 Mar 24
Came for work team-building/bonding sessions. Place was well-maintained and air-conditioned. Quite easily accessible from Kembangan MRT.Good instructors, novel activity and an overall good time - especially when the competition heats up!
Venson Epino MacindoVenson Epino Macindo
12:38 05 Mar 24
Friendly trainor thank you Lea we enjoy our session 👍 thumbs up👌
Abu AbuAbu Abu
07:26 05 Mar 24
07:25 05 Mar 24
Had an amazing time team bonding here! Thank you Lea for your patience!
I’m NelsonI’m Nelson
07:15 05 Mar 24
Very good experience and the lecture is very friendly
Keng Li ThorKeng Li Thor
09:32 28 Feb 24
Super fun!! Meixin made it extra fun!!
Raeyoon KimRaeyoon Kim
04:55 18 Feb 24
Lister Teo An XiaLister Teo An Xia
10:32 16 Feb 24
Very nice staff and good place highly recommend
10:07 16 Feb 24
danish anaqidanish anaqi
10:05 16 Feb 24
Hasan AriHasan Ari
10:05 16 Feb 24
Miznin VictorMiznin Victor
02:49 31 Jan 24
Fantastic facilities!
Gan Hui JieGan Hui Jie
08:27 30 Jan 24
Had a great team building experience at here!
Jo LimJo Lim
10:00 17 Jan 24
Very fun session! Got to try out the basics plus a variety of fun activities to try out
12:27 07 Jan 24
Nice and friendly instructors. Thanks to Chi Hang for a wonderful session and introduction of the sport
Dianna NgDianna Ng
10:35 02 Jan 24
Nurul Nabila AzmanNurul Nabila Azman
04:40 28 Dec 23
Decided to try out this place to celebrate a friend's birthday. Enjoyed it so much that I brought my husband over the next time. I also engaged their services for a team-bonding activity for primary school students.The trainers were very friendly, patient and approachable. Had a really great time - the one hour passed by so quickly (sadly!)Shout-out to Caryn, who was my trainer the first time I went down. She was also the trainer who came down to my school to teach the primary school students. Again, very patient and professional. Some students could not get a good shot at the start but she gave them some pointers and encouragement to help them. Their confidence grew when they were able to hit the targets.Highly, highly recommend! Thank you Salt & Light Archery. You have passionate people who really love their job
Leong Kwok HingLeong Kwok Hing
00:21 24 Dec 23
Very professional trainers to teach you on the basics of archery to get you started. Nice and chill environment too.
Ryan SleeperRyan Sleeper
07:48 18 Dec 23
Christopher TayChristopher Tay
07:48 18 Dec 23
Nurul FarisahNurul Farisah
09:08 08 Dec 23
Awesome would love to do again!
Yokie ChewYokie Chew
08:05 08 Dec 23
Such a fun session. Mei Xin gave clear instructions and was very engaging. She even helped us to take photos and videos while we were practising. The time flew past so quickly. We all enjoyed ourselves! Thank you.
Aether -kunAether -kun
13:15 03 Dec 23
nice place, good atmosphere
03:12 02 Dec 23
Great environment and friendly staff. Good for both children and adults, with expert coaches. Thanks guys!
Mas TurahMas Turah
13:51 30 Nov 23
We had a fun experience there..!! Matthew is helpful, fun, patience, giving clear instuction on guiding us that evening..made all our anxious go away..!!😂😂😂🥰 Will recommend and come again ..!! We do enjoyed our evening there..
Wee Jun NgWee Jun Ng
02:29 26 Nov 23
good vibes
Shawn TShawn T
13:47 22 Nov 23
Friendly and accommodating staff. Very professional and great work ethic!
Nice place to spend time with family and friends, simple and clear instructions given by instructor.definitely come again
wei yingwei ying
03:00 22 Nov 23
Instructor Lea was very patience and nice. Had a fun time for team bonding
08:13 12 Nov 23
Thanks for the drink coach Mathew
desean mohdesean moh
06:07 11 Nov 23
the person guiding us was friendly and the session was fun!
Zachary GongZachary Gong
03:46 11 Nov 23
Nice place to shoot arrow
Royce Goh Zhe YuRoyce Goh Zhe Yu
09:49 08 Nov 23
This place is the best
Irene LeeIrene Lee
06:00 06 Nov 23
It was a really lighthearted session with the archery instructor. She’s very encouraging as well. Would recommend people who are interested in archery to come here and give it a try
Veron TeoVeron Teo
08:09 24 Oct 23
It's fun and easy to play
Bill JellyBill Jelly
08:08 24 Oct 23
We have a great time here thanks
08:08 24 Oct 23
Alvin GalangAlvin Galang
08:07 24 Oct 23
First experience and I had a blast. Thank you very mich
Carol LowCarol Low
08:07 24 Oct 23
We have great time
04:41 09 Oct 23
04:40 09 Oct 23
very nice place and friendly staff
Christine LingChristine Ling
06:08 08 Oct 23
The lesson went by really quickly and the instructor (Aidan) was engaging and fun to talk to!! Really enjoyed this sesh! Will definitely come back
Eric KanEric Kan
06:06 08 Oct 23
fun and exciting engagement! Thanks Aiden for teaching :)))))))
Genie YamaguchiGenie Yamaguchi
09:04 07 Oct 23
Super fun, 10/10 experience; the team is really friendly. Highly recommend.
chuan huei mokchuan huei mok
04:11 22 Sep 23
Tan McTan Mc
04:09 22 Sep 23
Super fun
Chel NashChel Nash
03:50 22 Sep 23
Chin Swee PinChin Swee Pin
03:47 22 Sep 23
Very fun and good coach ,I learnt the archery .
Timmy SanTimmy San
03:46 22 Sep 23
Fun and nice. Good for family building.
Krishna TamangKrishna Tamang
03:32 14 Sep 23
Fantastic venue for indoor archery - highly recommended
08:39 12 Sep 23
Great place, love shooting here and the staff are so kind definitely recommended 👍
Shirlyn WongShirlyn Wong
02:12 04 Sep 23
Great place to have fun! Comfortable place with aircon and spacious.
02:09 04 Sep 23
Great place to play and learn archery 🙂
Yinson WongYinson Wong
08:06 03 Sep 23
The game was so fun and we really enjoyed it! The trainer Aiden was good and friendly at training us. Will definitely come again!
ravi kumar vatteravi kumar vatte
07:39 03 Sep 23
It’s very good environment for sports and cleanCoaches are friendly
Tze Wei WeeTze Wei Wee
07:04 03 Sep 23
Really fun first time experience here, the instructor was very friendly and helpful. Had a great time learning archery here 🙂
02:01 09 Aug 23
Came here with my father and his work colleague. Had a wonderful and comfortable experience thanks to Mei! Would definitely come again and recommend this activity to all family and friends. Very fun and relaxing sport.
Jun Ming SohJun Ming Soh
10:07 04 Aug 23
Fun shooting session. The persons in charge are very nice and friendly to teach new beginners to shoot
Jessi QiuJessi Qiu
03:09 14 Jun 23
We chose Salt and Light Archery as it is kids friendly and instructor is patient and approachable.Signed up for 1 hour modern recurve archery as kids always wanted to try.Service is good.
04:03 22 Apr 23
Aiden is great in explaining and teaching us first hand. Had a fun experience. Thank you very much.
Manikanta TankalaManikanta Tankala
07:48 14 Apr 23
Came here for team bonding activity. Tried archery for first time. It was really a wonderful experience. Enjoyed it a lot.
Alden KohAlden Koh
07:15 04 Apr 23
Here for our company teambuilding session. Our team enjoyed it immensely and some of us hope to come back for fun shoot! Our instructors was friendly, encouraging and patient with us. Overall, a session we team-bonded and the time flew by like an launching arrow. Thanks S&L team again!
Vivian LVivian L
09:11 14 Feb 23
Fun corporate bonding session! Instructors gave clear guidance and there was a range of fun individual and team shootouts. Easy to take up for beginners!
esther tangesther tang
10:17 28 Jan 23
our coach, luvvie, was super patient and funny!! she made this entire experience very enjoyable and i will definitely come back in the future!!
Faith MakFaith Mak
04:58 02 Jan 23
Did a 1hr guided modern recurve Funshoot for family on my hubs birthday (new year day). All of us enjoyed it very much with a very engaging and patient instructor Chee Hang, who was able to guide us and my 7yo son very well, with clear instructions and fun games. A very spacious and comfortable environment even though it is an indoor space. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family!
joan yangjoan yang
05:33 05 Dec 22
A splendid experience at Salt & Light (Chai Chee). Been here before as part if a team bonding and also today with my son. Comfortable, bright, air-conditioned environment. Coaches are friendly and patient in coaching.
Absolute Archery Singapore
Based on 14 reviews
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Kavya PadmanabhanKavya Padmanabhan
01:38 13 Mar 24
Angel PutriAngel Putri
01:32 13 Feb 24
Very good
Catherine LeeCatherine Lee
14:00 01 Dec 23
Colin is very nice and patient. The kids enjoyed themselves very much! ☺️
Aeson ChuaAeson Chua
07:42 01 Dec 23
Super fun had alot of fun and learned alot of new things
Belle Tran-NgoBelle Tran-Ngo
08:12 17 Sep 23
Super fun, great for stress relieving or training as well. I have tried some other places but Colin is the best coach!!
Geoff HughesGeoff Hughes
03:56 22 Jul 23
Coach Colin helped us to very much enjoy a family fun shoot today.It was relaxed, very well guided and safe, and everyone surprised themselves with how accurate they could be with Coach's excellent equipment and tips.Thank you Coach Colin 🙏
19:55 29 Jun 23
My kids wanted to try archery for the first time and Coach Colin was excellent with all of them, with age ranging from young elementary to teens. Everyone felt at ease, and you could literally watch their improvement from the top of the hour until the end of the hour. They enjoyed themselves so much, and Coach Colin kept modifying their goals (first, aim at the giant target, then, aim for a certain color ring, aim for a large water bottle by the target, etc) to keep them motivated. Excellent experience all around for all!
Christopher AngChristopher Ang
00:46 19 Jul 22
Great place to learn the fun of archery with your friends and family.
Zann LeeZann Lee
10:07 07 May 22
It was such a fun and relaxing experience! It's amazing to see how much we improve in just 1.5 hours under the Coach's guidance.It rained when we were there but we still had such a good time, all thanks to Coach Colin. He had been so patient with us, and his passion for archery stands out.Highly recommended, and we would definitely be back!
Winona Quinn LiWinona Quinn Li
06:00 18 Jan 22
What a great experience. They help us on how to do the archery and gave us some challenges to make everything more fun ! very friendly and recommended for everyone.
Aaron DassAaron Dass
07:47 17 Dec 21
Chill out placeThe owner collin was very accommodating and his instructions were very useful. Have a fun evening. Definitely I'll return for more.
Lionel LewLionel Lew
01:19 21 Dec 20
A great outdoor sport that is fun and beneficial to the mind and body of all ages, a great way to bond with family and friends. The coach is friendly and patient, he is very knowledgeable and skilled, much to learn from him, and more importantly, he is great with kids!


Pickleball Academy Singapore
Based on 45 reviews
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Daryl GohDaryl Goh
09:06 25 Jan 24
Great experience and coaches were very patient with the rules and techniques.10/10 would recommend for any event
09:03 25 Jan 24
Great sports. Coach and the in charge was too good and very helpful and patience in explaining the game. Recommended family friendly sports…
Dennis AngDennis Ang
08:57 25 Jan 24
Super fun! Highly recommended!
Rudra MahapatraRudra Mahapatra
08:56 25 Jan 24
Eugene TanEugene Tan
00:38 29 Dec 23
Had a fantastic session with Matthias! Highly recommend
Eugene GohEugene Goh
03:41 15 Dec 23
"Coach Jonathan considers individual objectives in his fun, customized sessions. His fusion of matchplay strategy and technique makes pickleball a thrilling journey. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an engaging coach!"
Jendra SGPJendra SGP
02:14 26 Oct 23
Good experience with Coach Jonathan.He made the game fun, was quick with pointers and guided us well.
cat hcat h
16:18 21 Oct 23
We didn’t have wonderful experience with Pickleball Academy. The admin is not very organized - the first class we attended, they mixed up the schedule and we had to wait for an hour before our turn. The second time - the coach seemed surprised why we were there, mentioning something about he already had enough students. The package we signed up was for 4 classes but to be honest, we learned all we needed to learn in one class. I would suggest taking this class at Classpass instead of committing to all 4 in one go also because you might get rescheduled multiple times like we did. Since the location is at primary school sports hall, sometimes the school had events that impacted the schedules. Coach is not terrible but not exactly great.
Kaman HalimKaman Halim
15:05 30 Sep 23
Great coaching session with coach David. Top notch coach. Don't let his age fool you, his precision is impressive
Joshua PangJoshua Pang
13:36 06 Sep 23
We did a company pickleball retreat. The coaches were stellar and the program was good. Nothing was too rushed, and the pacing overall was great. Facilities and equipment was provided and up to standard as well. Would really recommend it as a fun, corporate getaway idea, especially because it’s easy to pick up, and friendly for even those not as sporty or active
Nicholas OngNicholas Ong
13:33 06 Sep 23
Had a great time with Coach Javier, looking forward to my next class!
Zhou YujieZhou Yujie
15:37 26 Jun 23
Tried a new sport and enjoyed it thoroughly under the guidance of Coach Scott! The class was fun, and I learnt a lot about this interesting sport. Highly recommended!
Serene LimSerene Lim
05:06 26 Jun 23
Jonathan LimJonathan Lim
15:01 25 Jun 23
Scott knowledge of the game is great ! From 3.0 - 5.0 he has valuable knowledge to advance your game to the next level. He also has expert advice on paddles and all gear needed to help and make everything seem easier and alot more fun. He is very calm and patient when instructing and reviewing your strengths and weaknesses. With this he can change your game very rapidly with little or alot of great pickleball coaching.
Titan AsiaTitan Asia
14:41 25 Jun 23
Matt is a great coach. Very patient with older players and a good sparring partner for younger adults
Wai YanWai Yan
14:01 25 Jun 23
it was great to learn a new sport and the coaches are very calm, patient and helpful!! Would highly recommend this place if you want to learn pickleball!!
Pearlyn LeePearlyn Lee
05:50 25 Jun 23
The kids enjoyed the trial session. Don’t expect this is so fun and much easier than table tennis. The coaches are full of energy and patience. Time for me to also pick up this new sport with my kids too…
Lucas HooLucas Hoo
13:11 23 May 23
I had so much fun picking up a new sport for the first time! The coaches were quite charismatic and made the experience very enjoyable! Would 100% go for more sessions
Ethan LohEthan Loh
12:52 23 May 23
Had my first session recently with coach Jonathan, and I would like to say that he was nothing but patient, friendly, and accommodating to the class!Pickleball is truly a sport for all ages! Given the awesome coaches there, I'm confident that everyone has something to take away from their fun classes!
Siang Ern LekSiang Ern Lek
21:27 28 Mar 23
This was a great experience. I was under coach Javier and he was patient and accommodating. As I am new to pickleball, my forehand is very poor. Javier helped me to have a better stroke. Hope to be even better under Pickleball Academy in the future!


golam mamungolam mamun
03:47 05 Jul 23
chen zhou lamchen zhou lam
13:14 30 Mar 23


The Beacon Movement
Based on 43 reviews
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yuehao Thamyuehao Tham
10:10 31 Mar 24
I found out about Jay Ding from my sister and also positive results from another common friend and decided to go to him for my knee issues. The workouts he prescribed me really helped me with dealing with my knee cartilage wear and tear.There was this one session last October 2023, I went to him with pain in my weakened knee that I never had before while climbing up and down the stairs (overused the past few days). I came out of his hour-long session being able to hop off the stairs, pain-free. I dont think I have ever felt this hopeful about my knee rehabilitation in general if it was not for Jay.I trust his carefully tailored exercises that help me develop strength and confidence in my movements and be able to get back to playing sand sport properly again.
t ct c
10:39 14 Mar 24
Jasmine from The Beacon Movement has helped me so much that my Plantar Fasciitis (>20 years) is NO LONGER giving me any issues (after just a few mths)! No pain, just gain from training with her! She's able to explain clearly why we do the exercises (I used to play sports, so it's important for me to know), and I love being on the Reformer & other machines! Mat work is also beneficial & helps me in strength and conditioning! Been training w Jasmine for more than a year now, not stopping anytime soon! 😊 #satisfiedclient
Wang Ren TanWang Ren Tan
08:04 03 Mar 24
Managed to heal from my nerve issue. Really suitable for anyone who is recovering from sports injury. Real stuff, no gimmicks 👍
David Grainger (DG)David Grainger (DG)
07:43 26 Jan 24
I have joined Handstand and Parallel Bar classes and its really fun! The coaches are great and the training is both physically and technically challenging but in a way that total noobs (like me), more advanced and young and old, gel together really well.The location is cute and really clean.Highly recommended.
Ili NadirahIli Nadirah
09:01 24 Jan 24
I've been stagnant with my handstands progress for a long while and despite going to many different studios/practices, have yet to get a breakthrough in kicking up against the wall. Since going to Beacon for gymnastics handstands in Nov 2023, under the care of Robin, I've unlocked many firsts and am much more confident kicking up and balancing in the middle of the room. I've also attended their tumbling class by Jay and it felt safe yet fun.The studio has the necessary facilities and is well-equipped. Would highly recommend.P.S.: The studio has the right workout temperature but if you get hit by Jay's cold jokes, it can get unbearable
Tan Jun RenTan Jun Ren
12:53 15 Jan 24
I highly recommend the Beacon Movement and the coaches teaching there. Coming from a non-gymnastics background, I thought that it would be extremely intimidating to take gymnastics classes. However, Jay is extremely patient, knowledgeable and willing to adjust according to the level of the student.I always feel sufficiently challenged each time i attend a class at the Beacon Movement. Slowly but surely, I have made progress that I never thought i could achieve when i first started.If you're considering, dont hestiate to take the plunge!
Wei Fong ChanWei Fong Chan
11:34 11 Jan 24
I decided to try pilates and strength training after I had repeated wrist and knee injuries from rock climbing. Jasmine helped me with my rehab exercises to correct my muscle imbalances, followed by strength training to prevent future injuries while improving my climb performance. Ever since I started PT with Jasmine, my posture has improved greatly and old injuries did not return even when my climbing intensity increased.By communicating my climbing goals with Jasmine, she has tailored the lessons to help me improve on my strength, endurance and flexibility. Thanks to this my technique for rock climbing has improved greatly! I have been able to climb harder grades, besides having better endurance for long climbs.I highly recommend training with Beacon movement as the coaches are really experienced and I really like it that they combine both pilates and gymnastics! I can now climb stronger and injury free 🙂 Thank you!
ellen wongellen wong
12:53 09 Jan 24
It is a badge of honour when students complain about the tough training, grumble about being tired, and continue to buy new 10-passes immediately after using up their credits. 😎 Jay’s training is tough to make us stronger yet he is very aware of each of our current progression, so each exercise is still tailored to push us harder but not cause any injury. His 冷笑话 also helps to make each exercise bearable 😏. Everyone in class is also encouraging, helpful, and celebrate small wins! Come and stay!
smissing Ziyusmissing Ziyu
08:07 09 Jan 24
Chanced upon The Beacon Movement online while I was searching for Pilates classes and decided to go for it. The Studio is aesthetically pleasing and cosy. Enjoyed their class at a comfortable class size of 6 to 8. All their instructors are consistent in their teaching and will check on your posture/ stance consistently. Price point is reasonable too.Whether you join their Pilates or Gymnastics classes, they both focus a lot of mobility, flexibility and working on our core to support our body movement better.Overtime, it felt like a warm community of people who just want everyone to be better. No judgement, no fat shaming.Part of me want to gatekeep this awesome wholesome place, but i also know the instructors there need to Huat too. So come and join us!
Ros TRos T
06:26 18 Nov 23
I began training with Jasmine 3 years ago for my scoliosis. I suffered from constant back pain, I was unable to carry weighted backpacks, and my spine felt stiff and locked all the time. I have visited chiropractors, tcm tuina, and yoga classes but these treatments only relieve my pain temporarily.I chanced upon Jasmine’s scoliosis classes and we worked on building strength, mobility, and muscle engagements. Jasmine truly understands the challenges of having scoliosis and plans exercises targeted towards my curve. She provides good cues, clear explanations and demonstrations during the session. As a good coach, Jasmine is also able to accurately gauge your capabilities, and at appropriate times, try to push your limits.Over time, as I grew stronger, my back pain never came back. I could go on a back packing trip, which was something I thought I’d never be able to do anymore 3 years ago.I highly recommend her classes!
Charmain ChewyCharmain Chewy
15:01 12 Nov 23
Jasmine came highly recommended by my cousin whom Jasmine helped greatly with recovery from post-pregnancy diastasis recti (ab separation).I couldn't stop once I started Pilates, because I saw so much benefit from it in my daily life! Having always been fit & active, I was confident that I had good form & strength, but Jasmine showed me that there was so much more room for improvement- in strength, mobility and general wellbeing.The best part about PT with Jasmine is that she effectively tailors each lesson to your goals or particular need; for eg. teaching me creative ankle rehab exercises from a basketball injury, or strengthening an easily sprained neck (wow essentially from head to toe!)Even though life is too busy and I rarely manage to do the 'homework' she prescribes, she is patient & encouraging while pushing you to your potential. Over the years I have seen my body benefit from going even just once a week.I always say PT is not cheap but it's so worth it and the last thing I will give up- I will sell all my luxury bags before I give up Pilates! 😀
Erny RuslyErny Rusly
14:41 12 Oct 23
I started training with Jasmine in Sep 2021. I chose Jasmine among the many Pilates instructors because she has scoliosis herself hence she can identify with people like me who has scoliosis but still wanna grow in physical strength and mobility. Needless to say, I followed her when she and Jay opened the door at The Beacon Movement in Feb 2023. Started with scoliosis term pack and continued with PT to get individualised and targeted exercises. Jasmine is knowledgeable, clear in her instructions and able to modify/adjust the exercises to cater to the different physical condition I am in for every session. Besides Pilates, I am now “enjoying” learning how to do tumbling and handstand with Jay. He is very passionate in getting his students to do better for each session, patient while at the same time pushing us to give our all out and always dishes out his dry jokes. I highly recommend The Beacon Movement with their selection of Pilates and gymnastics based exercises.
Eileen TanEileen Tan
14:24 12 Oct 23
I have tried many Pilates studios but I find myself always 'craving' lessons at The Beacon Movement. I started training with Jasmine this year, and the value I got from her lessons had been tremendous, as she always helps me to achieve my goals. E.g. my arms are weak and I could never execute a proper guy pushup, but I can now after training for a few months with Jasmine. Even after that, she continues to challenge and encourage me every lesson. I feel much stronger now, thanks to Jasmine and the team! I also love that the students here are all very friendly and encouraging towards one another, and that makes me look forward to every lesson!
Yue You ThamYue You Tham
12:04 12 Oct 23
Jay is an awesome instructor. He’s patient, and knows how to tweak the work outs according to your injuries/strength for the day. I started out with him having shoulder tendonitis which affected my ability to play my sport. After going to him for about 2 months, the pain reduced significantly and now I’m able to play my sport pain free. He shares work outs that I could do daily and also warm ups that will help prevent my old injury from flaring up. He would also throw in some lame jokes in the midst to keep you going 😂. I’ve just renewed my sessions with Beacon movement, and I’m very excited to continue my fitness journey with Jay.
10:10 04 Oct 23
I really enjoy the ten session group pilates with Ms Ruthlyn, as our pilate instructor. She is very good. Highly recommended. Sometimes she is quite hilarious and makes the session very fun and enjoyable. One thing I like about this beacon movement is that the place is clean and we get to use their equipment (transformer). It helps on leg stretching
Angie YeowAngie Yeow
14:18 03 Oct 23
I had joined other community pilates for half a year and due to the large class of 15-20 people, it is hard to accommodate my needs of neck stiffness and pain.After trying out with Jasmine and Ruthlynn’s Pilates classes, I decided to invest in their lessons instead. I love how the class has maximum of 8 per class. Each trainer will plan the routine for each individual and who to pair up with. Their pilates also include the reformer machine which also makes a difference to the intensity of training. I find the mat and reformer combination a good balance.Each instructor caters to our needs accordingly, if we need more support in a specific area, they would adapt to our level of comfort or stretch us for our development. I feel my core and unused muscles have been activated and strengthened in just 6sessions compared to the 20sessions I had earlier. My neck stiffness has also eased and the pain I felt has also ceased.I realised having experienced instructors make a great difference to my overall well being. I look forward to a fitter condition in near future.Thank you Jasmine and Ruthlynn for both of your dynamic teaching and patience!
Ek TiongEk Tiong
01:45 02 Oct 23
After I had recovered from injury of my right foot , I engaged Ruthlynn as my personal trainer for my post recovery.I used to walk in an slightly awkward manner after removal of the cast , and I find it beneficial as she customized the training to my needs . As always, she is patient and considerate that I find her approach comfortable despite having to endure the strenuous exercise . 👍
Veronica FooVeronica Foo
23:54 27 Sep 23
My 71 years old mum has very enjoyable and positive encouragement in her personal coaching with Ruthlynn.
Charlene KhooCharlene Khoo
13:56 27 Sep 23
Have attended 2 sessions of Strength and Control Pilates taught by Ruthlynn. Despite being a beginner, I had no problems following the class under Ruthlynn's clear instructions and attentive guidance. Being a regular gym rat, every Pilates session still challenges me and leaves my muscles aching and sore. Really enjoy every hour spent at The Beacon Movement. Always looking forward to my next session.
Ley Cheng1 NgLey Cheng1 Ng
03:02 03 Sep 23
Took a duet class for 10 sessions and it was great fun and beneficial! Ruthlynn is a patient and attentive instructor who planned the session depending on our needs as well as problems, adjusting as the classes progressed! We learn a great deal on how to get more tuned in with our body. Looking forward to more ‘torture’ with her! Well, no pain, no gain! 🥰
Su Shan LauSu Shan Lau
15:32 21 Jul 23
I attended the Scoliosis term pack and learnt so much about my body in just 5 sessions! Both Jasmine and Jay are super encouraging and knowledgeable in their practice, they are sharp in correcting the moves and give clear cues for us to follow. Jasmine even went the extra step to video us while we practiced so that we can work on self-practice at home. The studio is welcoming and clean, the class was a small size which allowed a good amount of attention from the instructors. Overall I highly recommend the term pack and the studio!
Ashley LimAshley Lim
05:26 14 Jul 23
Have been attending Ruthlynn’s classes for quite a while now and I have really been enjoying them! The strength and control pilates classes are really enjoyable! Super fun class with her and will definitely feel the ache the next day ◡̈
Gwendolyn NeoGwendolyn Neo
17:32 13 Jul 23
Had the pleasure of working alongside and training with mostly Jay (and subsequently Jasmine).What I liked about learning from Jay was that when I could not work out certain moves, he was able to teach me things in a non-complicated manner and broke it down quickly. He sometimes made it funny with his wit, which helped break me out of my overthinking self. This gave me such a good insight on how good of a teacher he is due to how his brain works - fast, detailed, funny, quirky, and able to deliver a high quality class in a way that adapts it for each individual.Highly recommend that you learn from this awesome powerhouse of a couple! They're VERY skilled, and will provide you with a quality experience at Beacon Movement with a quality facility. Pilates, strength training, flips, gymnastics, handstands.. You'll be in great hands!
Melissa LowMelissa Low
14:17 04 Jul 23
Jasmine is our favourite Pilates instructor of all time. Clear verbal cues, attentive to every member and always pushing us in the best way possible. We have been going for her classes since 2018, so happy now that she’s opened her own studio with Jay!
Wen ZWen Z
13:08 03 Jul 23
I’ve been training with Jasmine virtually for 3 years since before pregnant, then prenatal, and postnatal during covid. I don’t enjoy pilates at first, but thanks to Jasmine’s clear instruction and attention during the virtual class, I was impressed to see the changes and improvement in my body. I’m so happy when I heard about her new studio, and it is even better now that I can attend her classes in person! 👍👍👍
Koh Chen PinKoh Chen Pin
07:19 02 Jul 23
I had experience working with Jay and Jasmine in the past - always a great time! They are amazing with handstands, flips, stretching, strengthening, all with different and interesting progressions, all while keeping it enjoyable. Great coaches - lots to learn from!
00:43 16 Apr 23
It's my first time joining Pilates group class and I love how the instructors - Jasmine, Jay and Ruthlynn understands and remembers the injury each of us have. During the lesson, they constantly ask if we are alright and gave us alternative movement. They are extremely attentive and caring. Amazing Pilate family to have and join. Thank you for the enjoyable classes.
kristie chenkristie chen
05:16 09 Mar 23
I’ve been training with Jasmine since last year and I must say I have experienced a visible improvement to my overall strength and flexibility. Even my friends have noticed a positive change in my overall physical and mental well-being and I have since recommended a few other friends to train with her. No one has had any regrets so far! That must say a lot. :)On top of her wicked sense of humour which makes her lessons fun, interactive and warm, Jasmine also has an acute understanding of especially scoliosis conditions and works to help these students live well with the associated pains and physical imbalances. In all, I am glad I found Jasmine. And right now, the cherry on the cake is that her spanking new studio is big, bright and comfortable. Love it!
Ezra Chin Chau LowEzra Chin Chau Low
06:33 19 Jan 23
I started 1:1 training with Jay about 4 years ago, and have made significant progress in my strength and mobility. He is able to challenge me with just the right amount of overload. He is patient, understanding, always willing to listen and explain, and he makes to lessons tough but enjoyable. I learned a lot from his detailed knowledge of a wide range of exercises.Recently started Pilates with Ruthlynn and finding it a good complement to the gymnastics training I am doing with Jay. Helps me with mobility and stability, and targets muscles I didn't know I have 😅. Ruthlynn is patient, and her bubbly personality makes the classes enjoyable.
Edwin TayEdwin Tay
05:34 04 Jan 23
I have been training with Jay for close to 6 years now and doing 1 on 1 private training with him for about 4 years.Jay is a very detailed coach, able to explain concepts in a fun and humorous manner. He is also a great athlete, one that is able to walk the talk.He is also able to pinpoint your individual weaknesses and design drills and give tips for you to work on them, so many of my handstand mistakes were spotted and them worked on with him.Finally he is just a great and fun guy to be around with.Anyone who is serious about making a change in their fitness and skill level in gymnastics and calisthenics should attend his classes.