Private tennis class is the fastest way for your kid to learn tennis. We customize the class to suit each student’s learning pace. Our experienced tennis coaches will teach tennis the fun way and cultivate life skills. We are also firm about your kid’s safety and no one gets hurt.

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Kids Tennis Lessons Singapore

100% Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed!

Private kids tennis lessons singapore

  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate students
  • Undivided attention and flexible timing
  • Wear sports attire and bring your water bottle
  • Learn from qualified & experienced tennis coaches with 2-10 years coaching experience


  • At your condo court
  • Provided courts
  • Public courts


  • Once, twice or more per week
  • 1 to 2 hours per class


  • One on one tennis class (1-1): $90/class
  • One on two / Couple tennis class (1-2): $110/class ($55/pax)

Form your own private group with family or friends!

  • Private group of 3 (1-3): $135/class ($45/pax)
  • Private group of 4 (1-4): $160/class ($40/pax)

What Will Your Child Learn As A Beginner:

  • Learn the Fundamentals: You will develop a strong foundation in tennis by focusing on essential skills such as proper grip, basic strokes (forehand, backhand, and volleys), serving techniques, and footwork.
  • Progressive Training: You will follow a progressive approach, allowing you to gradually build your skills and confidence with each session. Basic techniques, rallying and gameplay will be covered.
  • Fun and Interactive: You will enjoy interactive drills, exercises, and mini-games that make learning tennis enjoyable and engaging.
  • Individualized Attention: Personalized feedback and guidance will be provided.

What Will Your Child Learn As An Intermediate:

  • Advanced Skill Development: You will refine your technique, footwork, and shot placement with specialized drills and targeted instruction. You will take your strokes to new levels of precision and power.
  • Tactical Gameplay: You work on the strategic aspects of the game: development of court awareness, shot selection, and point construction. You will learn how to outmaneuver opponents and maximize your strengths on the court.
  • Matchplay and Competition: You will engage in competitive matches with fellow intermediate players, applying your skills in real game situations. You will experience the thrill of friendly competition and learn to thrive under pressure.
  • Individualized Coaching: Personalized attention and feedback will be provided.

Our Reviews

34 reviews on
Anne Trixia Mirones
Anne Trixia Mirones
Jaden is a great coach, helped me improve a lot! I totally recommend SportHitch for tennis classes.
Yoko Manzano
Yoko Manzano
Learned a lot from my first few sessions with Coach Jaden!! Highly recommend going here for tennis training!!
Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee
Jeremia is a great coach and very patient with kids, while still ensuring quality of the lesson. My kids always enjoy their weekly lessons and constantly look forward to the next session. Highly recommended for young kids!
Nur Iffah
Nur Iffah
Coach is qualified and helped me progress a lot as a beginner. I recommend sporthitch tennis for their quality classes!
Xuan Ye
Xuan Ye
We had Oliver, a great coach with lots of technical advices to share.
brendan tan
brendan tan
coach Bran is a great and patient tennis coach, managed to help me learn quick as a beginner!
Mani Raja
Mani Raja
Marcus is great trainer. Very professional and expert in training beginners.
Ray Chua
Ray Chua
Jaden is a great coach. Patient and great at teaching the fundamentals
vikas naudiyal
vikas naudiyal
Jeremia exceptional coaching skills and unwavering dedication have transformed my game. His insightful guidance and positive approach make every session a winning experience. Grateful for a coach who truly brings out the best in his players!! Jeremia, without a doubt, the perfect coach, elevating my game with each invaluable session.


Rackets and balls are provided to you for most classes so you need not purchase them unless stated otherwise.

There will be weather checks regularly before class and class will be rescheduled if there is wet weather.

If rain less than 30 mins into class, the lesson will not be counted and class will be rescheduled accordingly. However, if rain occurs 30 mins into class, it will count as a class, for your next lesson, class can start earlier or later to make up for the session if court availability and schedule permits.

For beginners, you can start with regular sports shoes as you start. However, it is best to have tennis shoes in the long run as they are much more stable as compared to regular sports shoes. Tennis involves many lateral movements, change of direction, start and stop which tennis shoes are made for. 

Private classes can be held at your condo court or public court near you. We can also provide condo courts at specific locations for private classes.

We can provide condo courts at specific locations for private classes. For group classes, courts are provided to you. Click here \ to view all the available locations.

For private classes, do let your coach know at least 1 hour in advance if you wish to cancel class for any circumstances. Class will then be rescheduled accordingly.

For group class, late cancel (less than 24 hours before class starts), your class will be forfeited.

What Are Class Credits?

With SportHitch class credits, you can book a variety of sports classes and use them to create a personalize sports routine.

Each sport class requires a different number of class credits to book. The estimated number of class credits for each sport class is as shown:

  1. Tennis (~20 credits)
  2. Golf (~36 credits)
  3. Badminton (~23 credits)
  4. Muay Thai (~20 credits)
  5. Archery (~22 credits)
  6. Volleyball (~23 credits)
  7. Boxing (~20 credits)
  8. Swimming (1 pax – 40 credits , group – 20 credits)
  9. Pickleball (~24 credits, 1.5h – 28 credits)
  10. Table Tennis (1 hour – 23 credits,  2 hours – 35 credits)
  11. Skateboarding (~26 credits)
  12. Inline Skating (~ 24 credits)
  13. Inline Floorball (~22 credits)
  14. Squash (~24 credits)
  15. Yoga/Pilates/Barre (~24 credits)
  16. Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) (~22 credits)
  17. Fencing (Trial – 20 credits, 2 pax class – 30 credits)