Here Are 3 Reasons Why Having A Good Piano Teacher Is Important

Learning the piano is a challenging endeavour that requires a lot of dedication. While natural talent can play a huge part in helping student reach his or her piano goals, guidance by a good piano instructor is still crucial. In this article, we delve into three reasons why this is so.

1. Proper Technique

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Proper technique is important for playing piano well and sustainably. With proper technique, you will be able to play with more precision as well as to express the musical emotions more clearly. You will also be able to avoid repetitive strains to your hands, wrists and arms, as well as to play with less effort. These will allow you to play for longer periods of time as well as to avoid injury.

However, developing proper piano technique can be challenging as it comprises of a number of key elements. These include proper posture, hand positioning, finger technique and an understanding of music theory. A good piano teacher would thus be very helpful for, as they can provide you with a step-by-step structure for how to tackle these different components of piano technique.

2. Music theory

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Knowing music theory can be very helpful for a number of reasons, one of which is that it helps you to read sheet music. Sheet music is based on a specific notation system, with unique symbols representing different musical elements such rhythm and pitch. Understanding the different concepts of music theory such as note duration and time signatures will allow you to interpret sheet music more easily.

A piano teacher can be very helpful in your quest to learn music theory, by allowing you to learn in a more engaging and deliberate way. To help you recognize musical patterns better, for example, a piano teacher may give you exercises to train your sight-reading and ear-training abilities. A piano teacher may also analyze sheet music alongside the student, pointing out to them the different musical elements and how they work together to create the overall sound and structure of a particular piece.

3. Personalized instruction


Every student has their own individual needs and learning styles, but most students do not know what pace and way to learn best, given these needs and styles unique to them. This is where the piano teacher would come in. Given their training and teaching experience, piano teachers would be able to structure and conduct their lessons in a way that takes care well of these individual needs of the student. This ensures a more efficient learning journey for the students.

If you are looking for a good piano teacher, one brand you can check out is The Happy Pianist, which helps recommend you qualified home piano teachers. Many of their piano teachers are qualified and certified by international music examination boards, and graduates of prestigious music colleges and universities, with years of teaching experience.

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What Are Class Credits?

With SportHitch class credits, you can book a variety of sports classes and use them to create a personalize sports routine.

Each sport class requires a different number of class credits to book. The estimated number of class credits for each sport class is as shown:

  1. Tennis (~20 credits)
  2. Golf (~36 credits)
  3. Badminton (~23 credits)
  4. Muay Thai (~20 credits)
  5. Archery (~22 credits)
  6. Volleyball (~23 credits)
  7. Boxing (~20 credits)
  8. Swimming (1 pax – 40 credits , group – 20 credits)
  9. Pickleball (~24 credits, 1.5h – 28 credits)
  10. Table Tennis (1 hour – 23 credits,  2 hours – 35 credits)
  11. Skateboarding (~26 credits)
  12. Inline Skating (~ 24 credits)
  13. Inline Floorball (~22 credits)
  14. Squash (~24 credits)
  15. Yoga/Pilates/Barre (~24 credits)
  16. Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) (~22 credits)
  17. Fencing (Trial – 20 credits, 2 pax class – 30 credits)