SportHitch About Us

Singapore's only Multisport platform that allows people to learn all the sports they want

Looking to learn a new sports, make new friends or find the best academy that suit your needs? SportHitch subscription allows you to access ALL sports classes including tennis, golf, badminton, padel, squash, muay thai, boxing, volleyball and many more! SportHitch gives you access to the best sports classes from top-rated academies to attend without commitment

Why choose SportHitch?

Affordable & No commitment

Subscribe or cancel anytime you want when you get busy. Subscribe at only $150/month!

10+ Different Sports

Try and enjoy up to 10+ different sports such as tennis, badminton, golf, archery, martial arts, table tennis and many more!

Top-Rated Academies

SportHitch provides islandwide access to the best schools in Singapore to learn the sports you want.

Meet like-minded people and make friends

Meet and connect with people of similar interest from different academies and have fun!

What Are Class Credits?

With SportHitch class credits, you can book a variety of sports classes and use them to create a personalize sports routine.

Each sport class requires a different number of class credits to book. The estimated number of class credits for each sport class is as shown:

  1. Tennis (~20 credits)
  2. Golf (~26 credits)
  3. Badminton (~23 credits)
  4. Muay Thai (~19 credits)
  5. Archery (~22 credits)
  6. Volleyball (~20 credits)
  7. Boxing (~18 credits)
  8. Swimming (1 pax – 40 credits , group – 20 credits)
  9. Pickleball (~24 credits, 1.5h – 28 credits)
  10. Soccer (~19 credits)
  11. Table Tennis (1 hour – 23 credits,  2 hours – 35 credits)
  12. Skateboarding (~26 credits)
  13. Inline Skating (~ 20 credits)
  14. Inline Floorball (~22 credits)
  15. Squash (~24 credits)
  16. Yoga/Pilates/Barre (~19 credits)
  17. Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) (~22 credits)
  18. Dance (~12 credits)
  19. Fencing (Trial – 20 credits, 2 pax class – 30 credits)
  20. Kayaking (~36 to 43 credits)