A New Way Of Shopping Online

It’s in the evening after dinner, and I’m in the comfort of my bedroom, scrolling through the product listing page of an online marketplace as I have done hundreds of times before.

This time round, I am looking to purchase a waterfall painting to decorate the living room. As I click on and study the different waterfall paintings that appear.

I can’t help but feel that as hard as I may try, there is still not enough information for me to make a confident enough judgment on which painting to purchase.

Sure, I have information about each painting such as its size, material and quality, but would these information be enough? Preferably, I want to know more about the background behind the painting. Who painted it? What is the background of the painter? What inspired him/her to craft such a painting?

In my quest to do so, I go to the seller’s profile page, hoping to gain such information. To my disappointment, I still can’t get any information about the painter. Instead, I only see the seller’s other product listings, and a short description listing down the other painting categories the seller sells.

When it comes to online shopping, I often want to know who the seller behind the listed item is. In some cases, it is because the value of an item is tied to its provenance (like in the case of art), other times it is because I will prefer to buy from a brand or person I can connect to. Therefore, I will want to shop on an online marketplace which is more seller-focused, than the usual product-focused ones currently.

Enter Entresell.

Entresell helps transform the online shopping experience from being highly transactional, to one that is more personal and emphatic.

Think of it like the online marketplace which we are very familiar with, perhaps Amazon, but where each seller has a personality, as well as a purpose behind selling what they are selling.

So how does Entresell make the online shopping experience more personal and emphatic, and what change is Entresell bringing to online shopping?

An online marketplace where we can know about and relate to who we are purchasing from

If possible, we want to be purchasing from someone we can connect with and whose values we share. Entresell allows for this by bringing out the personality of every seller to the buyers throughout the online purchasing experience.

Every product or service listing on Entresell contains a vision/mission statement of the seller, a condensation of whatever the seller stands for which buyers can potentially connect with, at first glance. These are put down in greater detail on the seller profile pages. The content on these seller profile pages focuses on the more personal aspects of the seller, such as background and mission/vision.

Even if we don’t feel the need to connect with the seller, being able to know who the seller is will make us more comfortable when purchasing.

An online marketplace where consumers can discover and learn about brands and sellers as easily as products or services

On Entresell, key information about the sellers stands out to the buyers as prominently and frequently as the key information about the listed items. This allows us to effortlessly discover different brands and business owners as we shop online.

For every product or service listing, the seller’s name is displayed next to the seller’s vision/mission statement. When clicked on, the seller’s name will bring us to the seller’s profile page where more information about the seller can be found.

An online marketplace where every purchase is a purchase with a purpose

On Entresell, every seller has a vision and purpose behind what they are selling, and is therefore also an Entrepreneur.

With every purchase on Entresell, we are also supporting the values which these Entrepreneur sellers stand for, and whatever they are trying to achieve. It becomes less about purchasing for the sake of purchasing, and more about purchasing for a purpose.

On Entresell, there are strict onboarding controls in place to ensure this. Anyone who signs up to become a seller will have to provide information which proves that they 1) have a background and 2) have a vision or mission behind what they will be selling.

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What Are Class Credits?

With SportHitch class credits, you can book a variety of sports classes and use them to create a personalize sports routine.

Each sport class requires a different number of class credits to book. The estimated number of class credits for each sport class is as shown:

  1. Tennis (~20 credits)
  2. Golf (~36 credits)
  3. Badminton (~23 credits)
  4. Muay Thai (~20 credits)
  5. Archery (~22 credits)
  6. Volleyball (~23 credits)
  7. Boxing (~20 credits)
  8. Swimming (1 pax – 40 credits , group – 20 credits)
  9. Pickleball (~24 credits, 1.5h – 28 credits)
  10. Table Tennis (1 hour – 23 credits,  2 hours – 35 credits)
  11. Skateboarding (~26 credits)
  12. Inline Skating (~ 24 credits)
  13. Inline Floorball (~22 credits)
  14. Squash (~24 credits)
  15. Yoga/Pilates/Barre (~24 credits)
  16. Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) (~22 credits)
  17. Fencing (Trial – 20 credits, 2 pax class – 30 credits)